Tips for Natural Bugs Control to keep Your Orchard Healthy

Sometimes, going natural is an effective pest control option. You can protect your orchard and gardens with natural pest control methods. Pests and the recommended pest control and prevention methods vary based on the type of soil and vegetation in your region. Thus, information on pest prevention is specific; bugs affecting an apple tree are different from bugs affecting a peach tree. Weather conditions also play a significant role in the choice of pest control approach.

Here are important tips and local pest control methods you can choose to keep bugs away from your orchard.

Trust the local nurseries

The local nurseries offer all the information on how to control and prevent bugs from your garden and keep it safe. These facilities are aware of the common pest issues within your region and can offer reliable, certified solutions. Some of these nurseries sell pest control products. Before you purchase any of these products, it’s advisable to do some research online and understand what you’re looking for.

Prevention is always better than cure

Selecting the right trees for your region is important if you want to successfully create a bug-free orchard. Mixing different tree species can mean more pest problem. Therefore, a comprehensive orchard plan is important when planting your preferred trees. You should also consider the tree size and the expected canopy spread.

Removing breeding areas for rodents and other pests can also be an effective pest control measure. Manage the garbage and weeds in your orchard to make it less attractive to pests. Note that stagnant water and leaking faucets create breeding areas for insects and other pests. The bottom line is, eliminate things that create favorable breeding areas for pests.

Here are tips to help you prevent pests from attacking your orchard.

  • Make the orchard’s organic soil healthier by applying compost.
  • Remove unhealthy plants that might be infected. It’s also advisable to weed and keep your orchard tidy.
  • Use seaweed mulch. It contains important trace elements such as barium, zinc, magnesium, calcium, and Sulphur. All these elements promote healthy plant development. 4
  • Clean the containers and tools you use in your orchard. This will keep it clean and keep bugs at bay.
  • Rotate or interplant. According to experts, rotating plants and also planting different plants within your orchard can control and prevent plant-specific pests.
  • Introduce beneficial insects such as lacewings and ladybirds into your orchard. These can control harmful pests such as mites, aphids, scale, whiteflies, and more.

Use different natural pest control methods

The following are some of the natural pest control methods you can use.

Floating row covers: If your orchard doesn’t have tall trees, you can use a porous polyester fabric to cover the crops and create a natural barrier for the bugs.

Sticky traps: This pest prevention method is more effective when it comes to preventing insects from attacking your plants. The traps are usually coated with a sticky substance to capture insects. You can use different color coated materials to attract different types of bugs.