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Some Things to Know About Cash for Junk Cars It happens everyday in North America that the junk cars get towed, they are crushed and melted down to be made later into cars, steel for the buildings and also for daily essentials. In fact, you may become surprised to know that the cars are the most recycled consumer products in the country with just an equivalent of 13.5 million cars to make steel getting recycled each year. The recycling process is not just beneficial in the environment but this would help in keeping the price of the raw materials for cars lower than it would be. In the basics of car recycling, this is quite simple. They start with you calling participating wrecker and offering them with the details about your car, the SUV or truck and obtaining a quote of what they would pay for your junk car. The right towing vehicle will get dispatched and the car will then be brought to the scrap yard. Those reusable parts from the interior, the exterior as well as the engine compartment will get pulled apart for resale and then the other cars will then be taken into a big shredder. The shredding process is going to take less than a minute on the newer machines and the metals get separated for recycling through the use of magnets and the rest of the components are then thrown away. After the separation, the metals are sent to the individual plants where they are then processed and they are also sold to the car manufacturers, the construction companies as well as other vendors.
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Such simple process is not harmful to the environment and this is also beneficial for those consumers. If you have that old run-down vehicle that doesn’t run, then you can get cash for cars in a few days. The amount of car junkers will pay but such would vary greatly according to the weight of the car but the average would actually range between $200 and $500. There are some SUVs and bigger trucks which can fetch an even greater premium. In several cases, the vehicle would be towed within 24 hours and from them, you would get a check in the mail in only a week. You must know that this will depend on the vendor that you choose. The most excellent part of the entire process is that you will be able to get rid of the oil leaking, the eyesore vehicles without this costing you a penny as you do something good for the environment.
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There are also companies that purchase cash for junk cars from the individuals. They would pay a big amount for the car and they can pick this up and also tow such for free.