The Right to Sue After Being Mistreated at Inferior Hospitals

When people get sick enough, they have to go to the hospital. It is especially important to go to the hospital for immediate care when the illness or injury is a life or death situation. Ironically, which hospital patients go to can sometimes be a life or death situation. In various cities, there are rumors floating around about certain hospitals being known as “dens of death.” In other words, the patient checks in but does not check out. This article will focus on patients and their families to ensure they do not end up in a hospital where the care level is known for alleged mistakes.

Some research has been done concluding that patients with serious illnesses that go to a mediocre hospital are three times more likely to die than patients with the same illnesses in a quality hospital. Unfortunately, everyone is not able to get to a quality hospital or they may not have the right insurance to qualify. In fact, the lack of proper financial resources often becomes the reason many patients have to go to whatever hospital will accept them.

About 25 percent of the hospitals in the United States are penalized by the federal government because of inferior treatment such as patients falling, too many patients with bed sores, and patients with too many infections. Fortunately, there are legal remedies in situations involving poor treatment or fatalities at a hospital. Patients or their families can consult an attorney for personal injuries such as medical malpractice. The injuries and fatalities suffered because of improper treatment or care of the patients will result in lawsuits with the patients or their representatives trying to recover damages.

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