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Understanding Rent to Own Furniture Agreements

Also known as rental purchase, rent to own furniture is a kind of legally documented transaction where furniture is leased in exchange for a weekly or monthly payment. This agreement also has an option to purchase the piece of furniture in question in accordance with the terms of your agreement. The main distinguishing factor about rent to own furniture is that you can actually decide to purchase the furniture through a hire purchase plan when needed. The customer can terminate the agreement by simply returning the piece of furniture.

Under the agreement in rent to own, a customer renews the agreement when paying the weekly or monthly renewal payments. A customer can choose to return the furniture without any obligations, thus terminating the agreement. The agreement is only in place when the client pays the monthly agreement rates and when he or she decides to terminate it, there is nothing that can prevent the lease from being ended.

More often than not an alternative purchase option is provided whereby the consumer is allowed to pay off the remaining balance on the agreement at any point in time in order to obtain permanent ownership of the piece of furniture. Before signing the agreement, you can request certain features to be included which you think are very important for you. Make a list of these features so that you don’t leave any of them out of your agreement.
News For This Month: Sales

The primary reason why many consumers opt for rent to own furniture is lack of a credit check. Other benefits that make many people want to acquire furniture through this method is that you are able to get any furniture you want with the convenience and flexibility you deserve. In rent to own acquisition of furniture, both the buyer and seller agree to certain terms and all of the terms can be changed to suit everyone’s needs.
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Researchers have contended that rent to own acquisition of furniture is not comparable to traditional methods of purchasing furniture. In addition, it involves the delivery, assembly, and repair of the furniture in exchange for the installment fees. Not only will you be getting the best furniture through this method, you will be getting it without extra fees.

If you don’t need the furniture you have rented through rent to own, you can easily return it to the shop without any problems. Some of these shops usually come to pick up the furniture that customers are no longer in need of. A few months into the rental agreement, the clients are offered cash options depending on their requirements.